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Cell Therapy Products

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Sheep Placenta Advanced Capsules (Able PE)


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Botanical Placenta Advanced Skin Serum (Able BP)

Why Order Able Cell Therapy?

Able brings many anti-aging, health and beauty benefits at the same time.

Able has the highest quality and exceptional values but costs less than 1% of the original price of Cell Therapy. 

Able is based on the proven cell therapy theory which has a long, credible history and honorable tradition.

Able is an entirely natural and completely safe oral supplement without any side effects.

Able is highly effective and its results are long lasting.

Able is easy and convenient to use. There is no work, no pain, and no hassle on your part.

Able has been scientifically validated by dozens independent bio-medical laboratories and pharmaceutical research centers.

Able has been clinically tested in dozens of countries.

Able is manufactured and distributed by the most creditable sources.

"I had been trying all kinds of different therapies before to cure my pituitary gland disorder, but none of them had any positive effect. After using your Swiss Cell Therapy for only 2 weeks, I started to feel much better. It is certainly more effective than all the other therapies I have tried."

Mrs. Nancy Ozod, CA, USA.


"The Swiss Cell Therapy saved my marriage. I am a new woman full of energy and the desire to enjoy life. How could I ever thank you."

Mrs. P. B., Dallas, TX, USA.


"I was desperate, I've tried doctor after doctor with no results, until I heard about 'Swiss Cell Therapy'. It has changed my life. God Bless You."

Mrs. A. T., Palm Beach, FL, USA.


"A powerful increase in energy and endurance after taking Swiss Cell Therapy for only weeks. Thank you. It's great."

Mrs. J. R., Los Angeles, CA, USA.


"I was becoming a very old man in a hurry, I've been impotent for the last 4 years with all kinds of physical problems, but after taking the Swiss Cell Therapy for only 8 weeks I'm a new man full of energy and yes, I forgot what it was to be impotent. Thank you forever."

Mr. R. D., Cleveland, OH, USA.


"What lethargicness or tiredness??? I'm now so refreshed and active. After just 4 weeks with Swiss Cell Therapy, I feel more vibrant, energetic & very alert . Coupled with better sleep, I am always fresh after my slumber."

Mrs. S. Ito, 50, Japan.


"When people started praising me of the total change of 'chi' (glow) in both my face and overall body complexion after Able for 6 months, I knew I have made the perfect choice of food supplement after trying out so many different types of supplement and placenta extracts. Time waits for on one but this product seem to be reversing my age. I am now feeling young at heart both physically & mentally!"

Mrs. Marilyn R. Cheung, 44, Vancouver.


"Two years ago, due to very stressful working conditions and unhealthy lifestyles, both of us got old too fast & without realizing it . It's a different situation now with Able. We are very satisfied with the marvelous results la therapie de cellulaire en vie Swiss Cell Therapy-Able. And we are now firm believers in the goodness that it brings."

Mr. & Mrs. Pierre J. Toudeur, France.


"Placenta extracts are very popular among us Orientals for centuries as an EXILER of life. There are more than ten brands at any time in Taiwan today. But, this Able is the real thing for me after trying different types be it from Taiwan, China, Hong Kong or Japan for that matters! Able does distinguishes REAL QUALITY!"

Mr. & Mrs. Yeh W. C., Taiwan.


"A powerful increase in energy and endurance after taking Swiss Cell Therapy for only weeks. Thank you, it's great!"

Mrs. J.R., Los Angeles, CA, USA.


"As a el modelo (model) in glamorous world , my looks, good complexion & health counts. This Able is my best insurance ! It's a Rolls not just any car you find on the road! Nope, I am not paid to say anything good about this product. It's a personal expression of my satisfaction with a good food supplement."

E. Enrique, 27, Spain.


"I believe in originality not because of status but for the quality & contended results it brings. Just imagine within 3 months after my third baby & an second caesarian op, I am now back to my slim-fit shape with better looks, complexion & bouncing healthily than ever before. I never go on diet or pop pills and I know it is not easy to have a nice body, glowing smooth fair body complexion & good health when you are in your mid 40's."

Y. T. Lau, MD, 45, user since 1998, Hong Kong.


"This product Able - The real Vit X for my malnourished & totally stressed body!"

Chantal V. Schurmann, 53, Arnhem, Netherlands.


Unlike HGH, there's no overdose, contradictions or side effects. So these softgel caps Able are the obvious choice!

Dr. S. Dieter, Researcher, Switzerland.


No, it's not expensive at all. One Able softgel is as good as five others and it is safe & effective. I am always pennywise but not with Able, it is worth for my hard earned pounds!"

Caroline B. Edwards, 44, Surrey, UK.


Original Testimonials

From: sohokiwi
To: Shipping Department
Sent: Friday, January 24, 2014 16:53 PM
Subject: Re: Order Receipt

Hey Mark I hate to tell you this but I am a health care professional and I know everyone's body is different. As far as I am concerned I had IMMEDIATE results after 2 day Tx that's why I love it so much, I am 60 and people guess my age as anywhere between 35 to 45, no one ever thinks 60. For starters my skin is silky smooth, it was so dry before it was ridiculous its got some oil now, I havent had oil on my skin for 15 years. The dark circles under my eyes are gone. I am a diabetic and its very much under control and my wounds heal like when I was 30 with these new placenta capsules! I also have a welcomed pimple!!!! I havent had that in years! So pardon me if I get a little anxious about getting my supply, so you mean after 3 months I have more positive things to expect????? WOW! Thanks and see ya! LB

Leonard Bard, New Jerse, USA

From: Delina Young
To: Scientific Sheep Placenta
Sent: Wednesday, February 26, 2014 10:09 PM
Subject: Re: About your Sheep Placenta Advanced Capsules Premium Program order 160125.

I'm into my first month trying the Sheep Placenta Advance Capsules Premium Program. So far, the results have been good. I've noticed that the pores on my face are smaller and my skin is smoother too.

Ms Young, Singapore

From: Risa Concepcion
Sent: Thursday, March 6, 2014 11:29 AM
Subject: Attn: JOE

This is a personal testimony regarding the cosmetic fulfillment I achieved from using my initial bottle of ABLE stem cell serum. One it controls my adult acne breakouts including the extra sebum that my glands secrete but can be the perfect moisturizer for extreme combination skin. I have tried most of the branded and expensive beauty products from the US, Europe and Asia but nothing come close to this product. It might be a little pricier but worth it.

Clarisa Concepcion, California, USA

From: David Kannenberg
Sent: Sunday, May 11, 2014 9:34 AM
Subject: Testimonial for Multiple Sclerosis

My name is David and I am 54. I first noticed that there was something wrong with me when I was watching the fireworks on 4th of July 2001. I was sitting with my legs crossed and when I uncrossed them again, I felt numbness in my thigh that did not go away and progressed into the knee over the next couple of weeks. I lost feeling in both of my legs, you could stick a needle in my leg, I would not have felt it. Since the problems worsened, my wife and I contacted our physician in August of 2001, but he wasn't able to make a conclusive diagnosis. It was only when I went back to my ophthalmologist for a check up and mentioned my current problem that he reminded me of an eye problem I'd reported in March of the same year. Then I had a sort of blurry eye, it was like I was looking underwater and I couldn't properly focus. He combined the two and sent me to a neurologist to check specifically for MS. The neurologist requested an MRI, which showed no lesions, he checked my reflexes and did a spinal test that finally confirmed the MS. At this point my legs got so tight it was unbearable. I was first put on steroids, later on betasteron and stayed on this medication for 7 years. Thankfully my condition seemed nonprogressive, I was on my meds and returned each year for a check-up.

In early 2008 I started to loose my balance every so often, I had to catch myself, but never fell. I drive a truck and it got difficult sometimes to climb up into the cab. Over the years my wife Janet had been doing research online about new medical treatments for MS and came up with the idea to try the new form of stem cell therapy called swiss cell therapy to hopefully improve my condition.

I begin to take the swiss cell therapy Sheep Placenta Capsules Optimum Program in early 2010. After following the program for two months, the sensation and mobility started to return slowly (I had not had normal feeling in my feet and legs for 7 years). It has now been more than four months, I can feel my muscles move and slight pain from time to time. It seems to me that the pain I experience indicates a change and improvement. I have regained full mobility in my legs below the knee. My legs feel much lighter and the remaining tightness is very minor. I have a range of movement in my ankles again. I can feel the grass beneath my feet. What a good feeling after 7 years! My mother is so happy about my improvement, she cries when she calls to check on my weekly progress.

The improvement I've had so far has been great. It is really hard not to get depressed with MS, but my attitude recently has changed. I've always tried to stay positive, but my wife has started to notice changes. Everyday I wake up feeling great, I am much more talkative and have much more energy. I was never classified as a progressive case and had no lesions in my brain. I am really glad I caught the MS at the point I have. Having made so much progress, I tend to get a bit impatient. As things progress for me, I am expecting more recovery.

- David Kannenberg, Connecticut, USA

From: John Robson
Sent: Friday, May 23, 2014 9:45 AM
Subject: Testimonial for osteoarthritis


I'm a 61-year-old entrepreneur with my own plumbing and heating engineering business; which employs a number of people. Since about my 50th birthday, I started to get pains in my ankles and was soon diagnosed with osteoarthritis. Now combine this with my work, wherein I kneel and squat down a lot, during long working days, and you'll understand that my ankles have a lot to endure.

The osteoarthritis developed rather rapidly and the condition of my ankles worsened. I consequently had four operations on my ankles, alternating on the left and right ankles. During these operations they would clean out any scar tissue and smoothen the joint. However, those operations cost too much but my condition did not get much better.

I kind of gave up the hope for an alternative solution. I just kept going- in pain. One person refused to believe I ran out of options- my secretary. She went online and found your wonderful cell therapy and sheep placenta capsules. I was persuaded into trying it.

I did not expect my ankles to be pain-free ever again. But here I am, just three months after I take those sheep stem cell capsules, almost pain-free. The pain in my left ankle is virtually gone, while I do feel pain in my right ankle, but not as much as before. Furthermore, the time needed to recover from kneeling or squatting is now reduced to just a minute or so. And I can finally have a good night sleep, without my ankles waking me up.

- John Robson, United Kingdom


Order Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsules/ Botanical Skin Serum Now!


The Second Testimonial By Mr. Fernandez:

"Here you have a picture of mine at 57 after a few month taking your product -compare me with Bill Clinton who was born in the same year! I have some gray hair in my beard that is died in the picture, but they are disappearing too."

From: "Fernandez, Daniel" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 6, 2014 11:23 AM
Subject: My Picture

Here you have a picture of mine at 57 after a few month taking your product - compare me with Bill Clinton who was born in the same year! I have some gray hair in my beard that is died in the picture, but they are disappearing too. I already send you a testimony that you have posted in your site. Some people have written to me asking if it is true. I always answer with my best recommendations. Now you have a picture to show. Also have more recent pictures from my last trip to Egypt, but Iím too far. Let me know if you want also one of those.

I have to add that I notice that the skin of all my body have changed, not only in my face. I can notice it softer in the shoulders, for instance, and also the hands look younger. I wonder if you can make me the discount you promised when I send you my testimony - I'm almost out of it! Also let me know the prices if I buy them in quantity, like 6 months or a whole year.

Thank you!

Daniel Fernandez.
Miami FL, USA

The First Testimonial By Mr. Fernandez:

"I think this product give you not only a total rejuvenation in the skin, but also in the inside, because your feel better and have more energy. I'm planning to use it forever."

From: "Fernandez, Daniel" <>
To: <>
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2014 3:24 PM
Subject: testimonial

I have tried sheep placenta capsules for only 40 days and I already can see the results. The scars for the removal of skin cancer lesions are getting less and less noticeable by the day. Also feel more energetic and enthusiastic. The pores in my face are more refined, and also some other imperfections and troubles in my skin, like cronic dermatitis are disappearing. I'm 57, but even people that know me from long ago, ask me what I have been doing, because I look younger. I think this product give you not only a total rejuvenation in the skin, but also in the inside, because your feel better and have more energy. I'm planning to use it forever.

Daniel Fernandez, journalist.
Miami FL, USA


Order Advanced Sheep Placenta Capsules/ Botanical Skin Serum Now!


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